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Shared Use "Vanity"Toll Free is available for your business right now!

Have you been looking for a way to make ALL your advertising work better?

     Experts agree that a vanity toll free number is one of your best advertising investments! Whether you rely on Yellow pages, Television, Radio, or Direct mail, a vanity 800 number will increase customer retention, increase response rates, and add credibility to your business! Nothing else can match the value you can receive by offering your customers an easy to remember, easy to use toll free number! Join the ranks of gigantic corporations with this simple yet powerful marketing tool!

If you are looking for a truly "professional" image, as well as an exciting way to increase the value of all of your advertising. Then this is an exciting opportunity!

Why a Vanity Number?

Simply put, because they work! Study after study shows increased response to advertising, greater recognition, increased credibility and prestige, more referrals, and more repeat customers. It's easy to remember, it's easy to say, and it makes you look professional!

How much does it cost?

Your monthly fee for this powerful advertising tool is just $49.95 for most metropolitan areas and numbers. (Major metropolitan areas are higher, at $29.95 per area code. You will also receive low cost toll-free service through our relationships with telecommunications service providers. Incoming calls are billed at only 10 cents per minute. Calls are FREE for your customers and a bargain for you! Compare this to the expense of advertising that is quickly and easily forgotten, or the losses you face each time a customer has to look you up, and are stolen by a competitors yellow page ad!

I have heard of Toll Free numbers costing thousands of dollars, why is this one so reasonable?

We specialize in shared use numbers. That means customers will reach your company when they dial your Vanity number from the area codes you choose. For example, if you sign up for New York City, every customer that calls from a New York City area code will instantly reach your business. However, if a customer called from a California telephone number, they will not reach you. That call would instead be connected to the subscriber in California.

We understand that the territorial limitations may not work for every business. However, if this does work for your business, then this truly is an exciting opportunity!

Once in a lifetime opportunity!

Once a subscriber is set up in your area, this number is gone, probably forever! If you wish to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, I urge you to sign up as soon as possible! Keep in mind, vanity numbers are in demand! Common words occurr in many business names, and this information may have been received by other companies in your area. Beware! Competitors may sign up, just to keep you from getting such an obvious marketing advantage!

One Final Note,

I know this isn't the slickest advertisement you will receive today, but that's ok!

Our Vanity numbers will be in use in your area very soon. The question is...

Will they become your

marketing advantage?


Will they become your

competitors marketing advantage

We look forward to your business,

Perry Williams,
Cooperative Advertising